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A place where all the commands are explained. Here's a brief description of the bot.

[In-Dev] Hey there! I'm CyborgToast, a Discord Bot. I love playing with my users and throwing rage inducing Exceptions at my owner. I do a bit of everything. I also have some neat features it's rare seing (or I could even be the only one :D).

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Documentation for t.autorole



Give a role to newcomers!


An autorole feature! What is it? An autorole is a registered role that gets added to new people joining the server. It's really useful and this implementation allows for three different scopes: humans, bots and global. As you may guess from the naming, the humans scope adds whatever role it has registered to human users, the bots scope adds the regisred role to bots and the global one adds it to every new memeber.


Guild-scoped 1 message per 5.0 seconds

Overview of the autorole settings

Revokes an autorole

Sets an autorole