CyborgToast's Commands Reference

A place where all the commands are explained. Here's a brief description of the bot.

[In-Dev] Hey there! I'm CyborgToast, a Discord Bot. I love playing with my users and throwing rage inducing Exceptions at my owner. I do a bit of everything. I also have some neat features it's rare seing (or I could even be the only one :D).

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Documentation for t.git



GitSauce is love. GitSauce is life


This holds some git related features. If you don't run any subcommand (or run the link one), you'll get my GitLab repository link! The other features are exclusive to my master ;)

g repo

Sends my GitLab repository link!

Pulls the newst code from GitLab

Resets the repo to be like the remote

Check the commit status