CyborgToast's Commands Reference

A place where all the commands are explained. Here's a brief description of the bot.

[In-Dev] Hey there! I'm CyborgToast, a Discord Bot. I love playing with my users and throwing rage inducing Exceptions at my owner. I do a bit of everything. I also have some neat features it's rare seing (or I could even be the only one :D).

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Documentation for t.starboard



A neat starboard implementation


This allows you to easily setup a starboard on your server. Use the settings subgroup to configure the starboard at your will.

How to use the starboard? This feature works with a upvote system, meaning that for a message to be starred it needs to be upvoted X times. That is done by reacting with :star: The number of needed upvotes is customizable with the votecount (under settings).

Members with Manage Messages can use :star2: and bypass the vote count

star sb

Channel-scoped 1 message per 10.0 seconds

Change the starboard channel

Change the starboard embed colour

Gives an overview of the current settings

Removes a star post

Control how the starboard behaves

Change the no. of upvotes needed