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[In-Dev] Hey there! I'm CyborgToast, a Discord Bot. I love playing with my users and throwing rage inducing Exceptions at my owner. I do a bit of everything. I also have some neat features it's rare seing (or I could even be the only one :D).

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Documentation for t.ticket



Tickets 101


Easily create, solve and close tickets! Great for any kind of support team! They are super customizable and easy to use. To setup just do <p>ticket settings setup and you're good to go! Create a ticket with the open subcommand or just by doing ticket <topic>. To close it, you just got to use close subcommand and provide a reason. The settings can be tweaked at any time with with the commands under the settings subgroup!

tickets tk

User-scoped 1 message per 10.0 seconds

Setup the tickets category

Close a ticket

Set the max opened tickets at one time

Create a new ticket

Get an overview of the current settings

Setup the support role

Manage the ticket settings

Interactive setup

Toggles this module On or Off

Set the max opened tickets per user